Friday Sep 15, 2023

Yvonne Orji: Bamboozled by Jesus

Today a conversation of biblical proportions with actress, comedian, author, and producer, Yvonne Orji. Her book, Bamboozled by Jesus: How God tricked me into the life of my dreams is now out in paperback. Scott is someone who's read a lot of celebrity memoirs, some written by friends. This book is different. Yvonne doesn't just recount the peaks and valleys in the upward trajectory of her career. She compares her challenges with the biblical stories and parables that inform her life choices.

Can God love you and still leave your prayers unanswered?

More about BAMBOOZELD BY JESUS: How God Tricked Me Into the Life of My Dreams By Yvonne Orji

 "Yvonne somehow found a way to brilliantly weave her humor, insight, courage, and faith into pages that feel like a weekend retreat hanging with your best, boldest, brightest and most blessed girlfriend. Bamboozled by Jesus is real talk about deep faith put in practice from a woman committed to living a life of vision, purpose, service and success."

 ―Kerry Washington, actress, producer, & director

 Actress, comedienne and now author, Yvonne Orji, hilariously, and with tremendous wisdom, exposes the trials and victories she has experienced on the way to the life of her dreams, in her memoir, BAMBOOZLED BY JESUS. Whatever greatness, whatever joy we may hope for, Yvonne is here to tell us that God has something even bigger and better in store for us, if we can just trust Him and be open to having our minds blown by His goodness, His creativity, and His knack for surprises! Orji takes readers on a journey through twenty-five life lessons, gleaned from her own experiences and her favorite source of inspiration: the Bible. But this ain’t your mama’s Bible study!

 Whether you're a college graduate coming up with your "next step" or a 30-something experiencing a sudden change in career or relationship status, Yvonne is here to remind you God has custom-designed your life to be magnificent, and by default, the magnificent is uncertain. Living your best life forces you beyond your capacity and demands reckless abandon of your comfort zone.

 Yvonne infuses wit and heart in sharing pointers like why the way up is sometimes down, and how fear is synonymous to food poisoning. Her joyful, confident approach to God will inspire everyone to catapult themselves out of the mundane and into the magnificent. Yvonne's story will encourage you to believe that more is possible for your own life when you let go and embrace the adventure.

 Along with her own captivating stories, Yvonne takes a thoughtful look into the lives of some of her favorite characters from the Bible, breathing new life and fresh perspective into familiar stories about bravery, resilience, and taking risks. If you're truly ready to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, hold on for the ride and be prepared to be bamboozled into a new way of thinking about embracing your unique destiny.

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